Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream Company (Hudsonville Ice Cream) is located in Holland, Michigan in Ottawa County. The Hudsonville Creamery company started in 1895 in Hudsonville, Michigan and began making their now famous ice cream in 1926.  Their slogan is The Coolest Taste to Share. Hudsonville Ice Cream is a Michigan Light because they have made it a priority to use local Michigan ingredients to offer a delicious product to Michigan citizens.  They are a cool tradition in and for Michigan.

Hudsonville Ice Cream offers both permanent and seasonal ice cream flavors. Their ice cream is distributed exclusively to all parts of the State of Michigan and to select parts of nearby Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Several of Hudsonville Ice Cream's flavors are inspired by Michigan places or traditions like Grand Travers Bay Cherry Fudge, Mackinac Island Fudge, Michigan Deer Traxx, Sleeping Bear Dunes Bear Hug, Pure Michigan Carmel Apple, and Tiger Traxx (named after the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball Team). New flavors are regularly created and in April, 2012 the company announced the creation of 5 new flavors (Source). 

Hudsonville Ice Cream made a commitment to stay in West Michigan in 2009 when they did significant expansion of their plant operations in the midst of tough economic conditions in the state. Here is a video about the expansion and some new flavors that were introduced in 2009.

The history of Hudsonville Ice Cream can be found under an Our Story section of their website. Their official website is at Here is a video presentation on the workings of Hudsonville Ice Cream.

Social Media: You can follow Hudsonville Ice Cream at the following social media pages.

Special thanks to Hudsonville Ice Cream for being a Michigan Light. Remember as you take time to enjoy their cool ice cream in the hot Summer weather, Hudsonville Ice Cream gives you the taste of a dairy product made in Michigan.

Michigan Light honors diverse heroes who are light in the state of Michigan.

Photo: The photo in this post was taken by Alan Stokes from a real Hudsonville Ice Cream product found in his freezer.

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