Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Better Made Snack Foods

Better Made Snack Foods was founded in 1930 by Peter Cipriano and Cross Moceri. It is a company that makes all of its products from it's headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. While the company makes a variety of snack foods, their signature product is potato chips. Better Made Snack Foods is a Michigan Light because of their tasty product that is made in Michigan and their positive contribution to the Michigan community.

Here is a commercial made for the 80th anniversary of Better Made Snack Foods in 2010.

Doubles for Kids: Better Made Snack Foods is a light to Michigan besides appealing to people's taste buds. Every time a Detroit Tigers player hits a double this season, Better Made makes a donation to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
For more information on Better Made Snack Foods visit their website at Their website shares about specials and also allows people to order products online. 
Special thanks to Better Made Snack Foods for being a Michigan Light. Remember every time you take a bite into one of their scrumptious snacks, you are experiencing the wonders of a product made in Michigan. 

Michigan Light honors diverse heroes who are light in the state of Michigan

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is the Quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Matthew Stafford is a Michigan Light because of his contributions to Michigan sports that have improved the competitiveness of the Detroit Lions. Stafford's off the field actions for charity have also helped brighten the lives of people in Michigan.

Football Career: Matthew Stafford has demonstrated success with the Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions received the #1 Overall Draft pick in the NFL in 2009 because they had went 0-16 the previous year. In 3 years, Matthew Stafford had led the Detroit Lions to the playoffs.  In his sensational season of 2011 he became just the 4th Quarterback in NFL history to pass for 5,000 yards or more in a single season. The career statistics of Matthew Stafford are available at his player page on

The following is a video off Matthew Stafford being interviewed in 2011 after their game 1 win.

Gift to Mott Hospital Patient: It wasn't just his football skills that brought Matthew Stafford to the attention of the Michigan Light blog.  Matthew Stafford spent $15,000 at a charity auction on May 19, 2012 to benefit the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Stafford purchased a travel package and six tickets to the Monday Night Football Game on October 22, 2012 in Chicago when the Detroit Lions play the Chicago Bears. He gave the $15,000 game package to a young Mott Children's Hospital patient named Faith Falzon, who is from Dexter, Michigan. Faith has an incurable bowel disorder and Stafford hoped the gift would give her something to look forward to over the next six months (Source).

To keep up with Matthew Stafford on Social Media be sure and follow his Official Twitter Account @Staff_9. You can also visit his Wikipedia page.

Special thanks to Matthew Stafford for being a Michigan Light. His contribution to Michigan has brightened the day of many a Detroit Lion fan of all ages. Best wishes to Matthew Stafford for a great upcoming season. Let's go Lions!

Michigan Light honors diverse heroes who are light in the state of Michigan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Michigan Children's Trust Fund

Today we unveil a new blog in the positive and upbeat "Light" blog series started by Alan Stokes. Here we will highlight diverse people, things, and organizations spreading light in the great state of Michigan. I've chosen the first Michigan Light to be the organization I have worked closely with for the past 7 years as a member of it's staff team. It's an organization I personally believe is spreading light in every corner of the state by preventing darkness from coming into the lives of it's youngest citizens.

History: The Michigan Children's Trust Fund was started in 1982 by Public Act 250 of 1982 as an organization to lead child abuse and neglect prevention efforts in the Great Lake State. According to the organization's 2009/2010 Biennial Report, "The vision for CTF was that of Dr. Ray Helfer, a pediatrician from Lansing who at the time was a nationally recognized expert on child abuse and neglect and its consequences for the children who were victims. Dr. Helfer recognized the need for protected funds that would be available to serve families who may have risks and challenges in their circumstance and would benefit from family support (Source)."

Function: The organization raises funds so it can generously and strategically release those funds to agencies in all areas of the state of Michigan with community based programs in the form of Local Prevention Councils, Direct Service Grants, and public awareness activities and materials. The Michigan Children's Trust Fund is the Michigan chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. Michael Foley currently serves as the Executive Director of the organization. A 15 member Board of Directors is appointed by the Governor of Michigan.

The following is a video of the Michigan Children's Trust Fund's rally at the Michigan capital on April 19, 2012 for Child Abuse Prevention Month. It features children and key adults who were part of the rally.

Fundraising: Funds are raised through private sources who believe in the vision to protect all of Michigan's children from abuse and neglect. Fundraising activities include the following.

Social Media: To follow the Michigan Children's Trust Fund on Social media visit these pages.
Special thanks to the Michigan Children's Trust Fund for being a Michigan Light. This is one of those organizations that is essential to spreading light in Michigan for vulnerable children. In a perfect world the organization would work itself out of a job someday, but time has shown that there is always the need for prevention. Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And the Michigan Children's Trust Fund is leading the way in making prevention the cornerstone of their contribution to the state. It's a plan that benefits children as well as the society they will one day lead.

Michigan Light honors diverse heroes who are light in the state of Michigan